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Traces of Home

On June 30, 2018 Colette Ghunim held her event. She had plan at Mezcla Media Collective Presents: An Evening With Traces of Home for the past three months, she can undoubtedly say that the fundraiser went beyond ALL her expectations. Held in the beautiful venue donated by the incredible Erica Duffy at Camera Ambassador with delicious cuisine created by Chef Abeer Najjar, live performances by Kevin Coval, Zacbe Pichardo, Mary Hazboun, and Alejandro Farha, and the powerful border wall built and painted by Latif Hamzah, the night was an unforgettable symbol of what happens when community comes together to celebrate culture and confirm our value in American society.

She was in tears by the loving spirit and generosity from everyone there. She, Thanks everyone, all the volunteers and the best husband ever Nabil Khalifa for helping make it run so smoothly. After raising $9000, she is almost ready to film in Palestine by the end of the year! Only $6000 left to go..)

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