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Kindi Academy's Event

   Kindi Academy is an innovative private school that serves students from 15 months to eighth grade. We began as a group of parents who aspired to provide our children with a balanced education based on rigorous academics and devotion to divinely inspired ethical values.

We have an intense and challenging mathematics, science, and language arts program. Our curriculum draws on research-based and proven “best practices” of learning, instruction, and technology.

Our educational philosophy is best manifested in our approach to teaching our curriculum. The mathematics curriculum is based on providing children with challenging problem-solving experiences that go beyond mere mechanical applications of arithmetic.

Our science program encourages empirical inquiry and hands-on experimentation. We utilize the latest technologies to conduct virtual experiments and facilitate interactions with the larger scientific community.

Our language arts program is based on fostering a culture of authorship, reading and writing across the curriculum, school, and home. Students engage in rich discussions about Eastern and Western classics as well as contemporary writings.

Our curriculum is based on the belief that no problem is too difficult when children are positioned with the necessary tools to solve them.

We believe that America’s children deserve such an intellectually stimulating program in order to build our nation in the 21st century.

At Kindi, we develop students who are committed to a life of learning, devotion, and service to God, family, community, nation, nature, and the world. This happens through an arduous academic program grounded in divinely inspired values and collaboration with adults and peers.

Our small class sizes are designed to foster deep relationships amongst teachers, students, staff, and parents. Our commitment to a low teacher-student ratio promotes meaningful dialogues and interactions within and beyond the classroom, a key principle of quality learning.

Our commitment to divinely inspired ethical values is purposefully designed to be inclusive and non-sectarian. Devotion to God, community, and family is the most important foundation for building a balanced individual and society.

We draw inspiration from the women and men of science throughout Eastern and Western, Judeo, Christian and Muslim histories, whose knowledge grew through embracing the divine rather than alienation from it.

We believe the intellect and the soul, the divine and the mundane are inextricably linked and aim to make these links throughout our school.

Kindi Academy