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Chicago's Arab Lawyers Host 100 Judges

   The Arab Bar Association (AABAR) hosted its first-ever Judicial Reception on November 2nd at Alhambra Palace Restaurant to honor Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke and Chief Judge of the Cook County Circuit Court Timothy Evans, two of the most powerful and influential judges in the State of Illinois.

Donna Haddad, President of AABAR, said "We were very pleased with the attendance, especially with the more than 100 judges who joined us for this historic event. To have the support of so many judges at our first judicial reception was wonderful, especially in these challenging political times. We were happy to have our own members invite their friends and families, and we were especially grateful for the many non-Arab attorneys who joined us, as well. We have an active Board and some great members. They all worked hard to make this important event a success. AABAR has been growing and we hope will continue to do so.  The Arab Bar Association was founded in 1990 but it is more important now than ever."

Marvet Sweis Drnovsek, an AABAR Board Member commented, "Our honorees this evening represent, in our opinion, everything AABAR stands for as they truly champion excellence and diversity. To have such a remarkably successful event for our Inaugural Judicial Reception speaks volumes about the respect and support for our community. I am very proud."

As the crowd of over 250 judges and lawyers networked and mingled, the honorees were recognized on the main stage. All the while, old friends were reuniting, judges were joking with other judges, and new friendships and business relationships were being formed. This symbolized a new brighter day for AABAR, and quite possibly for the Arab community – a day filled with more hope and new friends.