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Hyatt Magazine - Fashion 2021

Photo Credit: Matty Jacobsen

Dress By: Laine Berry

Model: Saryna Ritter-Keddy

Hair & Makeup by Yadira Amador &

Iris Ariana Alamillo

Earrings by MHR Marie Rudolph

Lashes by Lisa Opie

It’s a new year, new look and newborn with

\Saryna Ritter-Keddy 2021...

Little about Saryna; I’m a 34 year old entrepreneur and career woman. My heart is to help those around me. Since 2018 I have been the International Spokesperson for Marleigh’s Ministry helping Preemies and their families globally. Fashion is my passion! My business “Go Bling Yourself” supplies affordable costume jewelry, accessories and evening apparel to woman all over the world. Happily married to my husband Darren since 2018 and celebrating 10 years together on Valentines Day. We welcomed a beautiful baby girl named Maxine Louise Keddy on Thanksgiving Day 2020. Being a mom in 2021 is different then any other time in history. There are new obstacles and dangers to face each day with the pandemic. Right now we are taking shelter in our home and taking all necessary precautions to ensure a positive, safe and healthy environment for her and our family.

About the gown and jewelry;

The gown I chose for this photo is so meaningful as it was one of my wedding dresses. It was designed and created by Laine Berry. She is a couture bridal designer from Arkansas who i have been friends with for over a decade. It symbolizes renewal, rebirth and love! I wanted to bring the 2 most precious days of my life together in one picture to keep forever. One being the day I announced to the world “I Do” and the birth of my daughter.

The jewelry for this significant picture is crystal which means Purity, eye catching, beautiful, strong, honest, clear,”. I felt completely connected and that it was the perfect representation of my baby girl to come.

The Hairstyle, actually it only took one try to create this look. I knew exactly what I wanted and the inspiration behind it was my wedding pictures which were very Grace Kelly/old Hollywood.

My hair and makeup was by Yadira Amador and Iris Ariana Alamillo which I like to call them the “The Glam Team”. They are incredibly talented and amazing to work with! I chose them to do my hair and makeup as they also did my hair and makeup for my wedding. Everything came full circle in this look.