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Helping in Pandemic

  In difficult times during the pandemic, some businesses were still trying to bring hope back to people and give to the community in those desperate times. The pandemic has put massive pressure on everybody, it was up to businesses to step up and lead the world by good examples and by helping the community until this difficult time passes. What these businesses have shown is how we as a society can make a decision to change when we want.

One business that has contributed to community during the pandemic is the Mediterranean restaurant Kabob Q located in Willow brook Illinois. Kabob Q distributed several meals to hospitals for the medical teams that are treating Covid-19 patients in the Chicago Area. Despite the business being directly impacted by Covid-19 such has having to close the dine-in area, Kabob Q’s family decided to contribute and help the first responders.

In times like this businesses like Kabob Q decided to step up and accommodate the medical team with the help of others, in order to make them feel comfortable. Several doctors and nurses had to be away from their homes and families while treating Covid-19 patients. Kabob Q’s main purpose is to lead the community by a good example. In addition to that Kabob Q’s message was that any business can help even the smallest ways, it is Kabob Q’s mission to encourage local businesses around to give to the community in whatever ways they can. To get past this pandemic, businesses need to chip in and offer to help as they lead the change in society and influence both their employees and their customers

This pandemic has hit the world in different aspects both economically and socially. Which is why it is a duty to work together to fight it and restore what we lost as result of it.

“As a business owner I wanted to contribute to the medical team during this pandemic, I understand several doctors and nurses had to be away from their families for weeks” The owner of Kabob Q when he was asked why did he decide to make a decision and contribute to the medical teams in the Chicago area. Giving back to the community doesn’t always mean donating significant amount of money, it would something that offers some type of comfort for people during a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. Kabob Q offered a fresh home-made meal to medical teams across the Chicago area, “I know our medical team haven’t had a home cooked meal in a while. So on the behalf of my business and with the help of others I wanted to give out fresh meals as a thank you for their sacrifice and hard work”. Help comes in different ways and forms, while some people can help financially other people can help in providing comfort and ease in the simplest ways.

Many businesses have tried to turn these difficult times around. Assistance was offered in various ways including grocery stores offering delivery or convenient stores trying to keep restocking on their supply to reduce the stress people are facing during the pandemic. In course of a pandemic, some businesses wanted to add value to its customers by emerging as leaders and giving back to the community in different ways.