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Fashion: Danya Marou

Photo Credit: TW Studio

Fashion: Danya Marou Fashion

Model: Meera Alzoubi

  This winter season is all about layering up your outfits. Sheer overlays are the trendy layering piece this season because of their uniqueness to allow the outfit being worn under it to be seen. This makes the Sheer Chiffon Petal Robe by Danya Marou the perfect piece for layering this fall/winter season. This piece features layered delicate chiffon petals along the lower half of the robe. The top half is made up of a black sheer silky smooth chiffon and full wide style sleeves. The cascading frilly details of the petals create an eye catching look that is sure to glam up your outerwear wardrobe. The color black gives added drama to the look and is essential to every fall/winter color palette. The model is wearing olive green leather pants, a black long sleeve bodysuit, and gold accessories to complete this look and could easily be transformed into an evening wear look by pairing it with a skirt or dress.