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Lured Inside 

Action Story, Ep. 1

By Haya Barakat

    God, this is boring, I thought, staring out the window as my teacher teaches us about algebra. Usually for me, learning is the most fun thing ever. But learning something I already knew, that’s not as fun as learning something new. 

  I sigh and look at the white board with neat handwriting written all over it with a black expo maker. 4x + 16= 24, blah, blah, blah, I know all of that. I’ve known how to do it for months, maybe even a year. 

  Okay, maybe I am only ten years old and in seventh grade, but don’t judge me. People say I was born with a gift. It’s just in my DNA. My mom’s a doctor, and she home schooled me about stuff I learn in fifth grade before I was even four years old. 

  I skipped fifth and sixth grade because all that stuff was too easy for me. And now I’m hoping I could get on to high school already and start learning something that’s actually hard for once. 

  I lean back in my chair and think about what I’m going to do when I get back home. I already finished my homework during lunch, and the Science study guide that was handed out yesterday. 

  “Ok, who wants to answer this one? How about…. Ethan?” My math teacher, Mrs. Gen calls out to me. I look up at the board and see the new question written on it. 

10 + 3x +2(x – 3) =?

  Without hesitation or a second glance at the board, I answer.

  “29,” I answer, looking down at the school library book on my desk. I checked it out yesterday and I’m already finished with it. 

  “Good,” Mrs. Gen replies, then erases the answer off the board and writes another one, this time letting a girl in my class named Alicia answer it. 

  I look at the clock hanging on the wall. It’s two fifty-three. Two more minutes and I can finally leave. 

  Mrs. Gen packs up all her stuff and so does the rest of the class. I already have my stuff ready to go, like I always do. 

I wait for one more minute after everyone’s packed up, then, the bell rings, signaling the end of the school day. I sigh in relief and jump out of my seat, grab my books, and head out the class with everyone else. 

  I rush to my locker, still getting strange looks from people seeing that I’m a short ten-year-old in seventh grade, and open it with my combination 42-16-9. Then, I neatly shove all my books inside my locker, put my agenda book and pencil case inside my backpack, then get up, close my locker, and rush out the school doors. I sit on a bench and wait for my mom to arrive and pick me up. 

  I wait for a few minutes until I see our white family van drive into the school parking lot. I jump up and race to the car, and when I do, I rip the car door open and jump inside, my mom at the wheel and my baby sister, Lily, in a car seat in the back. 

  My mom smiles at me before driving away from the school. We take two rights, a left, another right, and we’re at our house. I jump out of the car, put my backpack in my room, and go to the living room.

  “You’re going to Jacob’s house today?” My mom asks me as she cooks dinner. I nod my head. 

  “Yeah, but I’ll be back for dinner,” I promise her as I tie my shoelaces. I pull on a winter jacket, a hat, and some gloves, seeing that it’s the middle of winter. I push the front door open, then head down the street to my friend, Jacob’s, house. 

  I’m about to step onto the street, until I see something moving out of the corner of my eye. I turn my head in that direction and see a big German Shepherd dog lying on the ground in the snow. I slowly, carefully walk up to him, and check to see if he has any collar or tags, but he doesn’t. I bend down and reach out to pet him until he jumps up and races down the street. I bolt after him, and he jumps into a shiny red car, which has one of its back-seat doors open. Without thinking, I jump into the car, and look around for the dog. I can’t see him anywhere. Disappointed, I’m about to climb out of the car until I hear two grown men whispering to each other as they walk towards the car. I quickly scramble under the seat as one of the men shut the backseat door closed and climb into the front seat of the car, and the other man in shot gun. They smell like they’ve been smoking for the past few hours. 

  The man in the driver’s seat starts the car, then reverses the car until we’re on the street. With my heart pounding as loud as the engine and as quick as a motorcycle, the car starts driving farther and farther away from my house, and soon, we exit the neighborhood. My palms become sweaty. What should I do? I ask myself silently in my head.  I take deep breaths and check my pockets for my phone. I can’t find it anywhere, and that’s when I realize I left it at my house.

  My breathing starts to rapidly turn to panic breathing again, and I try hard to keep calm, but I can’t. 

  I’m being kidnapped by two grown men who don’t even know they’re kidnaping me, I have no phone to contact my dad, who’s a police officer, with, I have no idea who these two men are, where we’re going, or what I’m supposed to do now. Do I climb out from under the seat and explain to the two men what happened? Do I wait for them to stop the car to wherever they’re going and then make a run for it? Do I wait for them to discover me and wait for them to decide what to do with me? Do I open the car door when they stop at a red light and break for it? 

  I think over my last option and stare up at the door. I can tell it’s locked, and even if I do get out, what if the men want to kidnap me, or they were planning to with the dog, and they don’t let me out, or chase me down? I can’t outrun them on foot, much less if they have a car, too. 

I start to sob silently. How do I get out of a situation like this?

I have no idea.

..........To be continued